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me bw1It’s been a great sixth year at Shekou International School thus far.  I have been teaching for eleven years with my BA in English from The Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College and my Masters in Education from Wake Forest University.  Before Shekou, I was living in Washington, DC and teaching in northern Virginia.  I have also taught three summers abroad in various parts of Africa: Mombasa, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa; and Tema, Ghana.  It is the love of challenge, diversity, and travel that keeps me exploring various parts of the world; I look forward to teaching, learning, and continually growing together with the students, parents, and colleagues from work, COETAIL, PTC, and so many other professional development opportunities that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

As a teacher, my expectations for the students are simple: maintain respect, integrity, and honor while aiming higher than one ever imagined possible.  I believe that the other running list of rules will follow suit naturally with these values in place.

My full bio can be found on my SIS blog.

I believe that we are, and therefore must be, forever learners.  I believe no teacher should be an island.  I believe innovation comes from collaboration, reflection and refinement.  I’m always looking for smarter brains to help me feel enriched, allowing me to equip my students with the best tools possible to make them feel empowered, so… engage with me.

I look forward to continually collaborating with, and learning from, you in this COETAIL community; it’s good to no longer call myself a newbie but a graduate of COETAIL!


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